China Energy Engineering Corp. (China Energy) has proposed building a 1,000-megawatt floating solar farm on Zimbabwe’s Kariba dam for the Zimbabwe Electricity Company and a private consortium of the nation’s industrial power users.

In the largest man-made lake in the world, 146 modular floating modules were covered with around 1.8 million solar panels as part of this project.

The proposed solar farm on Lake Kariba could be a solution to Zimbabwe’s acute electricity shortages, which have been affecting businesses and households. 


The largest man-made lake in the world would be the site of the solar farm, which would have 146 modular floating units covered in more than 1.8 million photovoltaic panels. 


The civil engineering works and installation portions of the project, which are expected to cost close to $1 billion, are its two main components.

The cost of the project

The envisioned floating solar farm on Lake Kariba may be able to address Zimbabwe’s electricity shortage and make a substantial contribution to the nation’s capacity for power production.