India’s 2024-25 Union Budget

A Turning Point for Green Energy Sector’s Future

India is getting ready to announce its 2024–25 Union Budget, and the green energy industry is eagerly waiting. They hope the government will introduce important policies to help grow sustainable energy projects.

Ashwani Sehgal

President of the India Solar Manufacturers Association (ISMA) and Managing Director of Alpex Solar Ltd.

The budget is really important for supporting solar power and making sure India can make its solar products. He thinks the government should create a steady and supportive environment for solar power to keep growing.

Anirudh Saraswat

The founder and chief financial officer of Oriana Power

He is expecting more support from the government in the upcoming budget, which he lists as “enhanced subsidies for technology, expanded funding for R&D, streamlined land acquisition processes, and favorable tax rebates.”

Simarpreet Singh

Executive Director of Hartek Group

That annual global investment in energy transition technologies will reach an all-time high of USD 1.1 trillion in 2022. Singh also notes that India’s energy transition could require ~ $15 Trillion in investments by 2070.

Srivatsan Iyer

Global CEO of Hero Future Energies

He is excited about the government’s investment strategies, Iyer remarks, “With the government setting aside Rs 35,000 crore, we expect a significant boost in our projects.”

The Union Budget’s Role in Shaping India’s Green Future

The Union Budget 2024–25 signals India's commitment to a greener future, with industry leaders emphasizing the crucial role of green energy for energy self-sufficiency and global leadership in renewables.