In the present scenario, there are a lot of sources through which we can generate electricity 1. Hydropower plant 2. Wind Mills 3. PV panels

PV panels or most commonly known as Solar Panels are an accumulation of semiconductors that absorbs sun rays and convert them to electricity.

What are Solar Panels/PV Panels?

PV Panels being a renewable source of energy does not emit any harmful rays or substance, It is rather the cleanest source of energy.

What are Solar Panels/PV Panels?

Solar panels are comprised of a number of materials like glass, metals, plastic, and semiconductors like silicon which it becomes very difficult to recycle or reuse their solar panels.

Why Solar Panel recycling is very difficult?

It becomes very operationally difficult for the companies to separate every material and recycle everything in one place. This job becomes even more difficult when the panels exhaust life or if the panel is damaged.

Why Solar Panel recycling is very difficult?

1. Lack of infrastructure 2. Cost 3. Lack of awareness 4. Regulations

The multiple factors which cause difficulty to recycle solar panels:


One approach we can go towards is to design the panels with recyclability using materials that are easily recyclable and separable.