India’s First 24×7 Solar-Powered Village


Modhera is located 35 km away from Mehsana district of Gujarat. It is famous for its Sun temple It hosts a solar-powered 3D projection facility installed at its premises to give visitors information about the village’s history.

There are three major components to this entire project. One is a mounted 6-megawatt project. The second is the 15-megawatt battery storage system and the third is the one-kilowatt rooftops installed on 1,300 houses.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared Modhera, a village in Mehsana district of Gujarat, as India’s first solar-powered village. Modhera is also associated with the Sun Temple.

It is created using a ground-mounted solar power plant and more than 1300 rooftop solar systems on homes and government structures that are all connected to battery energy storage devices (BESS).

Solar power Generation

The village will be powered throughout the day by solar panels, and in the evening, the BESS will power the homes. A BESS is a particular kind of energy storage device that stores and disperses energy in the form of electricity using batteries.

The initiative will show how India’s expertise in renewable energy can empower residents. Instead of paying for electricity, the villagers might start to profit from the solar panel’s energy output by selling it to the public grid.


Residents would be able to save between 60 and 100 percent on their electricity costs. It will lessen the tedium experienced by rural women and girls who must travel great distances to gather fuel wood and cook in smoky kitchens.