The Cape Canaveral Community Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, finished building a new structure with a rooftop solar array earlier this month.


The 72-panel, 48 kW array was constructed by ESA and is the first rooftop solar project in the city.

Who installed the Largest Commercial Solar Plant?

The largest privately owned solar project was made possible with the installation of a rooftop solar system by solar contractor SALT Energy in a Florida manufacturing facility owned by Badia Spices.

On this installation, the business employed solar panels produced by San Jose, California-based SunPower, and flat roof racks made by PanelClaw. Instead of penetrating roofing screws, SALT Energy employed roof anchors made by Anchor Products in Haltom City, Texas, which fasten to a fully adhered roofing system by hot air welding.

Why does this Largest Solar Plant matter?

Over 80% of Badia Spices’ electricity use will be offset by this solar project, which will also lessen the company’s carbon footprint.

A significant step in Florida’s shift to clean and sustainable energy is also being made with the development of this solar plant.

Capacity: 3.24 Million Watt Installation area: 300,000-sq.-ft. Inverters: 40 Solar panels: 7200 Electricity offset: 80%