Top 7 Solar Inverters in India 2023

Inverters are a blessing in a country like India, where power cuts are frequent, especially in certain rural pockets. The most effective, cost-effective, and eco-friendly way of conserving energy is by using solar energy.

Luminous Solar Inverter NXG1400 12V Solar Home UPS

It has been compatible with 2 solar batteries of 150 Ah and has the option of fast charging through charge technology.

V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 S Solar Inverter 

It is a pure sine wave output inverter that is perfect for loads of sophisticated electronic equipment. This V-guard Solar inverter easily syncs with your smartphones and helps to reduce the usage of electricity.

Luminous Solar hybrid 1100/12V Home UPS

The Luminous Solar Hybrid 1100/12V Home UPS has been specially designed to be used for residential purposes. The rated AC power of the inverter is 700 VA and 12 V, whereas the operating voltage ranges from 100-290 V. 

MICROTEK Digital Solar UPS M-SUN-1135 VA 12V

It can be termed as one of the best hybrid solar inverters because of the plethora of features it comes with. It provides both AC and DC power output, with a power capacity of 1135 VA accompanied by a DC output of 12 V.

Luminous NXG1100 + LPTT12150H 150Ah 1No + 165Watts Solar Panel 2No (Poly)

They are hybrid inverter has a power output of 850 V, and a DC output of 12 V. The battery is a tall tubular one, with a capacity of 150 aH and it is a C10 battery. 

Exide Technologies 12V 40Amps Solar Charge Controller with LCD (Multicolour)

It uses direct solar power during the day with the help of the PCU technology and saves up on the charged power for the night.

Flin Energy Flinfuzion 3kva / 3kw, 24v Solar Hybrid Inverter

The Flin Energy Flinfuzion solar hybrid inverter is the first commercial inverter on this list of the best solar inverters in India.