Countries are scrambling to build their renewable energy capacity to reduce their dependence on conventional power sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas, which are unpredictable and incredibly unsustainable.

Solar power is continuing to enhance its reputation as one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources, with a number of the largest plants coming online in recent years.

Bhadla Solar Park, India

Location: Rajasthan, India Installed Capacity: 2245 MW

Huanghe Hydropower Hainan Solar Park- China

Location: Qinghai province, China Installed Capacity: 2200 MW

Pavagada Solar Park, India

Location: Karnataka, India Installed Capacity: 2050 MW

Benban Solar Park, Egypt

Location: Aswan Governorate, Egypt Installed Capacity: 1650 MW

Tengger Desert Solar Park, China

Location:  Ningxia, China Installed Capacity: 1547 MW

Noor Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Location:  Abu Dhabi Installed Capacity: 1177 MW

Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park, India

Location: Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh Installed Capacity: 1000 MW

Solar Power Plant