What Exactly is a Solar Inverter, Types and How Does It Work?

An inverter is a crucial component of every solar system. This converts solar array-generated DC power to AC power as its primary function.

Pulse Width Modulation is known as PWM. An electrical switch between batteries can be used to describe PWM charge control devices. Activating and deactivating the switch is quick.

How Does It Work

1. OFF grid 2. ON grid 3. Hybrid 4. Micro 5. Lithium 6. Batteryless 7. Transformerless (on grid)

Type of Solar Inverter

How much power is required for A "VA inverter". 


Power (Watts)

3 Fans* 70


5 bulbs*15

1 Water purifier*25

2 Tubelight*40




1 LED TV*100




Things to keep in Mind while choosing a Solar Inverter 

Priority setting gives maximum utilization of solar panels. This setting allows you to choose whether the battery will be charged through solar panels or AC mains.

Things to keep in Mind while choosing a Solar Inverter 

Normal mode or UPS mode inverter is available in the market, normal mode inverter has a little higher efficiency than UPS (uninterrupted power supply) inverter but UPS inverter will not let the power appliances shut down after the power cut.

Solar Inverter